Hauraki Gulf Book

The Story of the Hauraki Gulf provides a comprehensive account of the Hauraki Gulf since first humans arrived in the area more than 700 years ago. It traverses the archaeological evidence of early settlement and Maori early fishing activities. It describes the first European explorers who experienced the Hauraki Gulf and what they wrote about the place.

Story of the Hauraki Gulf Table of Contents
Table of Contents for ‘The Story of the Hauraki Gulf’

The establishment of Auckland and subsequent development, including of the port is described. The book covers maritime history as well as recreational activities within the Gulf over the past 170 years. Science, natural history and restoration work on the islands and in the sea are also covered.

Chapter 7 Connecting the Gulf
Chapter 7: Connecting the Gulf covers the fascinating maritime history of the Hauraki Gulf including charting, navigation, lighthouses, boatbuilding, coastal traders, scows and wrecks.
Chapter 10 Enjoying the Gulf
Chapter 10 Enjoying the Sea describes the wide range of recreational activities associated with the Gulf’s marine area including fishing, cruising, diving, surfing and swimming.

The book has been published by David Bateman Ltd in a high quality coffee table format with 370 pages, 292 x 235mm, being printed on high quality 157 gsm matt art paper.

There are approximately 150,000 words and 320 historic and contemporary photographs and specially commissioned maps. The book has been produced with a hard cover and jacket.

The book was released in September 2016 at a RRP of $89.99.






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