Recreational Fishing in the Gulf

Heading out from Coromandel
Heading out of Coromandel Harbour on a mussel barge charter fishing trip.

Thousands of Aucklanders, and people living in other coastal settlements around the Hauraki Gulf go fishing each year. Many people enjoy catching fish from mussel farms located around the Gulf. The farms attract snapper which feed on the growing mussels. The large Wilsons Bay mussel farms in the Firth of Thames now support a growing charter boat industry.

Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris is a small family owned business which operates fishing charters out of Coromandel. The images on this page were taken on one of their excellent trips.

Mussel barge charter Wilsons Bay B
Mussels farms are a very popular place to fish as the mussels act as fish aggregation devices and attract lots of snapper.
Fishermen off Wilsons Bay B mussel farm
Many small boats head out to the mussel farms from places such as Coromandel, Thames and Kaiaua to fish for snapper.

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